Marriott’s Platinum Guarantee Is A Lie

I realize this post is a bit off-topic for my blog, in general. Since I know many of the several hundred regular followers of this blog travel as much as I do, I felt a strong need to share my recent experience on a particular topic: Marriott Rewards Platinum Elite Benefits. One of the supposedly wonderful benefits is that, as a Platinum Elite member, one is guaranteed a room at any Marriott property with at least 48 hours notice. This notion is a complete fallacy. What the guarantee really is is that if there is a room available, you are guaranteed to get it. Otherwise, there is absolutely no guarantee at all – just like anyone else who calls, Silver, Gold, no status at all.

See here for the guarantee details:

I have now called the Platinum Elite desk twice, and spoken to customer care twice. They assure me that the guarantee is in fact valid, just not on the dates I want in the city I want. Apparently, the 18th of October, 2011, is a very special day for the city of Philadelphia. Marriott cannot tell me what the special day is, so maybe one of you can. Please leave me a comment if you can possibly figure out what is so special about the 18th of October in Philadelphia this year.

For all you other hardcore, long-time Marriott supporters, consider yourself at least made aware. Do not ever expect that the hotel you need when you need it will be made available. And, please, be sure to spread the word. The only way to either get them to release rooms to us, or at least stop lying to us about it, is to make as many loyal Marriott customers aware that the T&C’s of the Marriott Rewards program are made up, not true, and generally broken when it’s convenient.

I’m pretty disappointed in Marriott’s lack of willingness to do anything for me. I asked them several times if there was anyone anywhere in Marriott that would like to make this right, in any way possible. I was told there is nothing that can be done. I told them they have my number if they would like to call me back and make this right. In the mean time, I would be sharing with as much of the world just how much of a joke their supposed guarantee really is.

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