Cloud Expo West in Santa Clara, CA

Usually, I post some sort of article on my blog. I decided this time to post a more traditional twit, but don’t twote me on that.

I’ll be attending Cloud Expo West 2010 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, November 1st to 4th. You can find me at Red Hat’s booth, demonstrating Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization. I will also be presenting a session on Wednesday, the 3rd at 5:30PM. My presentation will focus on the architectural building blocks of a Cloud Computing solution. If you’re there, be sure to stop by the booth and come see the presentation!

2 thoughts on “Cloud Expo West in Santa Clara, CA

  1. Bill, Hey I went looking for you in Blue Pages and you were MIA. :D

    I had not heard that you left, but that doesn’t surprise me. Departures seem to be kept on the quiet side these days. Send me an email with details on how to track you down and where you landed, etc, etc.


  2. Hey, Kent, thanks for finding me! I’m at Red Hat now. I try to keep my blog objective, so I didn’t make any big announcements here about the change. It’s all goodness. I’m continuing to work with IBM as well as many other technology leaders now-a-days. I’m a Cloud & Virtualization Solutions Architect at Red Hat.

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